Special Access



Parking is available in Sydney Road car park, which is free from 6.30pm. Please note that Palace Exchange shopping centre car park will close at 21:45 and therefore will not be suitable for evening performances at The Dugdale Centre.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs

Guide Dogs are welcome in the auditorium. Please let us know when booking if you’d like to take your dog in to the auditorium so that we can provide an aisle seat.


Wheelchair access

Wheelchair spaces

The Dugdale Centre has level access wheelchair spaces. As with all seats wheelchair spaces are subject to availability, please try to book as early as possible. Our easy access rows are not bookable online to ensure that they are available for those who need them. You can book direct with our Box Office staff on 020 8807 6680.

If you do not need a wheelchair space but would benefit from specific seating such as more leg room or aisle seats, please let us know when you book and we will do our best to accommodate.


Essential companion access

If you have a disability which requires you to be accompanied, your companion may attend free of charge (subject to concessionary rates agreed with promoter). Patrons must register at box office in advance for these seats when the original booking is made. Proof of companion status may be required when booking or attending an event.


Assisted hearing facilities

This service is available on all performances at The Dugdale Centre. Discreet necklaces which work with your hearing aid to amplify words and music from the stage are available from Reception.

Please advise Box Office when you book so that we can make arrangements for you.

If you are using this service, we would advise that you arrive around 30 mins before the start of the performance so that we can make sure that everything is working well for you.

Please note this facility only works with hearing aids with the T setting.